Cut Flowers Observational Study

At Natural Action Technologies, Inc., we are often asked how one can validate the benefits of structured water. Here is one easy observational study that not only gives credence to structured water but also portrays one of the many benefits of structured water: preservation.

Does structured water have a preservative quality, even after the death of a living organism? Is structured water’s preservation value more than that of chlorinated city tap water?

To find out the answer to these questions, we snipped roses from an rose bush/tree and put them in vases. One vase was filled with structured water; the other vase with local chlorinated city tap water. The date was April 25, 2013.

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Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Observational Study on Kidney Dehydration

(Research studies with Natural Action Technologies Structured Water Units and feedback with The GDV Machine, Part 1 GDV Energy Diagram)

The GDV has been in design since 1995 by a team of over 300 top Russian computer scientists, doctors, and physicists. It is able to show in a couple minutes, the energy readouts of the human body through Kirlian-type finger images that lend to emotional and physiological understandings of the human mind-body connection. It is also capable of measuring the energies of materials such as plants, animals, and substances like waters and oils. As for the accuracy of this machine, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, leader of the invention and author of the book on GDV, Human Energy Fields, states in a GDV seminar, “If there’s a question of believing what the patient is telling you or the machine, believe the machine!” Many practitioners of the GDV have begun to experience and learn about the almost God-like capabilities of this analytically precise device, claiming to be accurate 98% of the time.

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Video showing Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) results on bottled water before and after being structured

Hagalis AG Crystalization Analysis

In a comparative study on a total of 2 samples taken, and from which 2 were used in this comparative evaluation, the spagyric crystallized material obtained from the liquid and solid phase of the samples was investigated.

Thereby crystals are formed from the extraction of distillate residue, which was previously incinerated and calcinated. These crystallized salts are extracted and consolidated with the distillate and applied slides. The liquid is then brought to evaporation at room temperature. This process results in the typically associated crystallization pictures of the samples, which allows reaching a conclusion about the quality of life force in the samples.

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