What is Structured Water?

Without water we simply would not exist. Water is unique in many ways.  It is the only substance capable of naturally existing in three states: liquid, solid and gas.  All other liquids on Earth become smaller when frozen, but not water. Upon freezing, water expands — and what wondrous shapes it creates!    


In cold weather water can turn into those amazingly-beautiful patterns we know as snowflakes.  Each tiny crystalline structure is symmetrically-balanced and happens entirely naturally from water molecules swirling around in clouds up in the sky.

Structured Water is water in nature. Like snowflakes it too forms naturally into beautiful patterns at the molecular level but it remains in liquid form. To create Structured Water simply carry a container of water to the top of the mountain and pour it down a stream. Like the water molecules swirling in the sky above destined to become snowflakes, these mountain-top water molecules swirl and splash against the rocks on the way down and in the process begin to 'balance' naturally. By the time you collect it at the bottom of the mountain it will have become Structured Water. 

Documentary: Water, the Great Mystery

The same cannot be said for city water. By contrast it is processed and forced in a most unnatural fashion through hundreds of miles of straight metal piping turning at sharp right angles. Research conducted in the last 10 years on the nature of water is revealing that water treatment essentially 'de-structures' the water. As a result we who drink this 'tired' tap water can suffer from a wide range of negative consequences including decreased energy levels, reduced physical health and lower mental acuity.

Not all of us have the time and energy to travel up and down mountains to benefit from Structured Water. Now for some good news. Clayton Nolte, inventor of the products found on this website, has discovered techniques that help to this restructure city and well water efficiently and effectively so that we are able to reap very tangible benefits for our health and personal well-being — things like increased energy sensations, healthier skin, sharper mental focus, and much, much more.

We are what we eat (and drink)

Did you know that water can essentially 'die'?  Actually, it's not so much that the water dies but that the level of dissolved oxygen in that water can drop to a point where most water-born life can no longer survive within it.  The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) describes this phenomenon when it happens to lakes and ponds as 'eutrophication.'

Although we are not fish, humans nevertheless cannot survive without consuming lots of water regularly.  It follows therefore that if fish can benefit from more oxygenated water then so can we.  The benefits of drinking and bathing with high quality water are many.

Benefits of Structured Water

Evidential research so far on the benefits of Structured Water can be divided into three main areas:

  • Personal Well-being
  • Agricultural
  • Building Maintenance

Personal Well-being

  • Improved skin conditions: skin feels less dry, more hydrated; incidences of itchiness are reduced; sunburn becomes less painful and heals faster

  • Hair rinses cleaner and has more body

  • Many people claim to smell less chlorine in the water

  • Water and other beverages taste better


  • Plants require less water, grow faster, and yield as much or more than before

  • Florists are reporting that blooms from cut flowers are lasting for much longer periods of time

  • Commercial farmers are experiencing reduced irrigation requirements and higher yields in the raising of both plants and animals

Building Maintenance

  • Pipe corrosion from mineral build-up is significantly reduced

  • Pools and spas require less chlorine use

Where to go from here:

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  • Or perhaps you're ready to order your Structured Water unit today to experience the benefits first-hand!