125 Uses for a NAT Structuring Unit

125 Uses for a NAT Structuring Unit

(NOTE: Below is a collection of anecdotal and observational information on the effectiveness of Natural Action Technologies (NAT) products contributed by customers and distributors and compiled by NAT staff.)

The last 3 years of researching NAT Structuring Units have uncovered many wonderful discoveries. We offer everyone a look at these findings. These discoveries were established through many testing devices:

  1. Human Observation
  2. Human Body and Tongue (The most sensitive of all instruments)
  3. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) pulse testing
  4. Korean Hand Therapy (KHT pulse testing)
  5. Applied Kinesiology (AK) / muscle testing,
  6. Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) testing
  7. Acu-graph Testing
  8. Pulse Oximeters
  9. Blood Pressure Kits
  10. Thermometers

There are actually more test devices than this. Time will bring even more tests forth. Some were also experiential or empirical evidence as given to us through our distributors and customers. We or they have checked and confirmed most of these events as much as 12 times or more. Twelve confirmations gives us the initial beginning insights of possible statistical significance. Stay Structured!

Drinkable Liquids

1. Water tastes better! Everyone who has bought one knows this!

2. Neutralizes chlorine, flouride, and other (?) toxins found in water.

3. Coffee tastes smoother.

4. Neutralizes the tannins and processing toxins in the coffee beans.

5. Orange, apple, and other juices have more flavor.

6. Neutralizes pesticides or petrochemical fertilizers in fruits.

7. Makes teas taste purer.

8. Petrochemicals and processing toxins neutralized in herbs.

9. Milk tastes sweeter.

10. Hormones and antibiotics neutralized in milk.

11. Beer tastes cleaner.

12. Grain toxins (fertilizers, petrochemicals, and fungal toxins neutralized.

13. Wines enjoy a new flavor burst.

14. Neutralizes sulfites in wines.

15. Whiskey, Tequila, and other liquers smooth out and taste cleaner.

16. Neutralizes processing toxins in liquors. What in alcohol causes hangover?

Non-Drinkable Liquids

These tests were established through pulse testing and Applied Kinesiology (AK)

17. Olive oil loses toxicity - Olive Oil and others lose their toxicity and become non-toxic.

18. Motor Oil loses toxicities - Oil no longer registers as toxic as one structures the oil.

19. Neutralizes Toxins - Dish soap, and other household cleaning powders, paints and fluids lose their olfactory toxicity - the smell of dish soap or other chemical toxins no longer register as toxic to the body

20. Eases Chlorine Swimming Pool Water Effects - Water becomes less irritating to the eyes and skin. Many people have attained this awareness, as well as the feeling of greater energy, after swimming in structured water.

21. Chlorinated tap water tests - Test expresses changes in chlorine levels, from 1 to 0. Manel in Cellers, Spain first helped with this test.

Human Physiology or Function Tests

A. GDV Tests - These tests performed with a Gas Discharge Visualization machine express significantly improved changes through numerous test subjects. For more info on GDV see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhBYqkos-Xk

22. Energy Field smooths or balances and enlarges in area.

23. Chakra Alignment comes to improved or perfect balance.

24. Energy Diagram - Organ energetics improved in the entire body.

25. Functionality Indicators improve (e.g., vegetative state, stressed).

26. Stress Reduction - The A-Reading (The GDV Activation Coefficient Reading aka Stress Level Number) - Stress became less or was reduced. A person that was normally at an A reading of 5-8 (= stressed to very stressed) would decrease and come back into a normal stress parameter of 2-4 or less, feeling more relaxed. This includes the regulation of the Autonomic Nervous System.

27. Kidney Re-balancing - An 83-year woman energetically shifted from excess back to normal parameters after drinking four ounces of structured water.

28. Popular Sports Drink Study showed us that a sports drink could really impair the energy systems of a person. The GDV Chakra alignment significantly shifted out of balance when 1 oz. of a popular sports drink was consumed. Other important GDV test parameters of the Energy Diagram, Energy Field, and Functionality indicators returned to an improved balance from the person’s initial baseline.

29. Negro Modelo Beer Tests with 4 NAT House Units Inline - Beer passed through 4 House Units inline made for an amazingly different head (incredibly bubbly like blowing bubbles in a bubble maker); and a tremendously smoother taste experience SO different than the beer straight from the bottle. Also, it did not make our test subject suffer impairment! They normally would be very drunk and inoperable after 2 beers in 20 minutes. They felt a buzz but not unclear in their ability to think or operate machinery. Also, GDV readings showed no demise of energetics from the structured beer as they did with the 28. Popular Sports Drink.

30. Different Bottled Water Sample GDV Studies

A. Bottled Water causing dis-regulation and pulse imbalances

  • Aquafina
  • Dasani
  • Camp Verde AZ Tap water
  • Bashas RO
  • Pelegrino

All the disregulating (causing pulse imbalances and brain dis-regulation) bottled waters that were structured with the NAT Units instantly changed to statistically different good waters.

B. Regulating and Balancing Bottled Waters (creating or maintaining pulse balance and brain regulation; not disruptive of balance)

  • Bashas Spring good
  • Arrowhead Springs Spring good
  • Volvic good
  • Evian good

NAT Portable to House Unit Structured Waters were energetically the same or better than the highest quality water we could find on the store shelves.

Applied Kinesiology & Pulse Testing

(Applied Korean Hand Therapy and TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Pulse Testing)

Autonomic Response Testing (ART) from system developed by Dr. Diedrich Klinghardt, M.D., brain neurologist and multi-disciplinary practitioner,

31. Autonomic Nervous System Test - usually blocked on the emotional level (not physical, or mental or spiritual level initially) regulated when checked with structuring. First done with NAT distributor, M. Wilson and many patients.

Standard Chiropractic Muscle Tests from Victor Frank, George Goodheart, D.C.’s

32. Ileocecal Valve Tests - What the old time chiropractors called “the Mother of All Disease” changed from baseline weak to strong after consuming structured water; This is not the case with all waters like distilled, RO, Kangen pH 9.

33. Yeast Fungal Mold Tests - changed from baseline weak to strong after consuming structured water.

34. Coca Cola Yeast Point Test - A person who has pathogenic yeast will test weak at the yeast point. Drinking Coca Cola makes a person tested positive for the yeast test even weaker (true of many store bought beverages). When the Coca Cola is structured it makes the yeast test point go strong and actually stronger than the baseline test.

35. Allergy Point Tests - changed from baseline weak to strong after drinking structured water.

36. San Jiao Tests Upper, Middle, Lower - a “jiao” or sector will go from testing weak to strong; thus, all organ and endocrine function is strengthened and/or balanced. This coincides with improved or balanced pulses.

37. Weak Organ or Endocrine Test - changed from baseline weak to strong after drinking structured water.

38. Olfactory Tests w muscle Testing (probably one of the most powerfully true tests as it bypasses critical thinking)...Inhaling a toxic substance such as dish soap, Coca Cola, or cleaning agent before structuring those products would show a marked weakness in AK tests; After structuring there were notably stronger differences to the muscle tests.

39. Weak Tooth Test - changed from baseline weak to strong sometimes.

40. Structured Water releases Emotional Toxicities - Structured Water has shown to assist the body in letting go of old memories. Many people feel more relaxed after one or two cups of structured water. The GDV confirmed these findings.

41. Leg Length Test (BEST and other Chiropractic measures) - Changed from baseline offset (one leg longer) to both legs balanced or same lengths after drinking structured water.

42. Hip Rotation - Where one hip started off more bound or locked up before structured water, it would change to more flexible rotation after drinking structured water.

43. Lateral Neck Rotation - Locked up lateral neck rotation right or left would many times ease with structured water.

44. Leg Length Balancing - Structured water in a glass gallon jug held to the sternum will balance a person’s uneven leg lengths. A chlorinated water gallon jug did the opposite. Thus, what occurred was improved structural chiropractic function...many times reduction of low back or other structural pains and improved range of motion and coordination occurred. NAT Distributor and Licensed Massage Therapist, Susan Danner, Camp Verde, AZ

45. Pain reductions - Filling structured water into ziploc bags and holding them on painful body areas will ease the pain in 10 minutes. NAT authorized distributor, Scott Turner, MS

Vital Signs Tests

46. High Blood Pressure - Reductions in blood pressure have occurred instantaneously with drinking structured water.

47. Low Blood Pressure - Shifts upward in low blood pressure readings have spontaneously risen showing structured water has the ability to provide balance to the body.

48. Temperature - Low temperature readings have risen back to normal or close to normal.

49. Respiration Rates have slowed markedly, e.g., as much as 12 respirations per minute to 6 per minute.

50. Pulse Rates - Pulse rates have dropped significantly for many stressed people. Conversely, they have risen for people with weak pulses.

51. Dark Field Blood Tests show the improvement of red blood cells through the dissipation of unhealthy clumping, a known marker of poor oxygenation states and disease.

52. Brain Wave States - We believe strongly that brain wave states shift into more functional parameters. The pulses show this. Pulses are generally linked to brain wave function. We are currently researching these exciting tests.

Observational and Experiential Notes on Structured Water

People who have never experienced structuring change their facial demeanor in some way upon being structured!

They light up upon drinking structured water. Micro-expressions change in even the must stuck people. Sometimes it’s something in the eyebrows or in the eyes. The stern look becomes softer. The face lights up. The demeanor and general ambiance shifts in some magical way.

Structured Water as a First Aid Spray

54. Burns lessen.

55. Eyes feel less irritated...Creates Blue light buffer for computer users.

56. Bumps and bruises become less swollen when structured water is applied.

57. Feelings of more groundedness as when applied to 3rd Chakra. - NAT Distributor, Doctor Russ Newman

58. Nails Improve and become less brittle as the liver is hydrated and detoxified with structured water. Jacqueline Aldana

59. Skin Tone improvement - People report Skin Tags disappear. Structured Water feeds the lungs and thus the skin.

60. Endurance and Energy Improves as hydrated water feeds the body. Structured water is more energized water, hence, energy goes up.

61. Mental Clarity & Brain Function Improve as Water feeds the Brain. Brain is 95% water...People think better.

62. Recovery Rate improves - People doing gym workouts noticed their post workout recovery rate picking up.

63. Breathing improves and becomes easier as kidneys and lungs are fed, especially in Kidney deficient rasping and asthmas. All people are chronically dehydrated.

64. More Awareness - Drinking structured water makes one more aware.

65. Greater sense of groundedness - People remark of a feeling of more centeredness.

66. Sleep states improve.

67. Detoxification of body through bath and showers - People have noticed how much cleaner their body feels after bathing in structured water.

Animal Health

68. Cows suffering from E. Coli outbreak got over E. Coli infection in less than 2 weeks and without antibiotics when Structured Water was delivered to their drinking troughs. Chandler, AZ Raw Dairy Farm

69. Turkey Farms have found greater overall crop harvest.

70. Bees flourish in presence of structured water come to structured water plants...Help for Bee Colony Collapse?

71. All animals are attracted to structured water... birds, turkeys, squirrels, pets, etc.

Plants and Gardens

72. Fountains and garden misters lost calcium deposits which saved the owner lots of money in maintenance expenses. Adam Abraham

73. Body starts to lose calcium deposits because structured water frees up sticky calcium in the body.

74. More available calcium in the body equals greater immune function.

75. Brix Levels raised in Strawberries rapidly in a few days making for sweeter tasting fruits. Arizona growers.

76. Leaves on vines healthier - Of two exact species of vines, the vine grown with structured water had 6-9” leaves, shinier, and greener than the non-structured water vine, whose leaves averaged 3-6” and were mostly dull and dehydrated.

77. Structured leaves lasted twice as long before cracking after picked, that is, 9 days for the structured vine as compared to 4.5 days for the non-structured vine leaves.

78. Tomato buds on structured water tomato plants were numerous and healthy.

79. Rose bushes turning into Rose Trees. We started with rose flowers at 4-6 feet in two years going to 6-8 feet. They were now out of reach of outstretched arms and hands to even enjoy the fragrance...the leaders went from 8’ tops before structured water, to 11’ the first year to 13’ the second year. Fragrances of the rose were incredibly beautiful.

80. Cut Roses in Vases Comparison Study - Structured roses left in vases lasted 13 days as compared to non-structured roses cracking and drying, and losing leaves by 6 days.

81. Tangerine Trees Juice Taste Test - Tangerine trees raised with structured water delivered superior juice which raised the taste bar way over anything experienced here-to-fore from a store, and brought the awareness of heart, joy, and delight to the awareness that AHA! This IS how food should be!!!

82. Superior Lemons Taste Test - Lemon Trees watered only a few times with structured water brought a new awareness to how sweet lemons could taste. from NAT Distributor, Diane Plant

83. Crushed Grape Leaves Brix Test - The Brix readings on crushed grape leaves after the vine was watered with structured water increased significantly.

84. Higher Nutrient Content - Grapes hit an amazing 24 on the Brix scale in Mexico. An excellent grape is 20. A poor grape is 8. The Brix scale is a measure of sugar content but also an overall indicator of plant health and nutrition.

85. Soil loses its calcium glazed hardness. Water and minerals absorb more easily.

86. Faster Harvest Time - The grapes in Mexico had to be picked two weeks ahead of normal harvest dates because they were turning to raisins on the vine.

87. Fungus growth absent - No fungal growth was present on the crop. Fungal growths are usually apparent on most grape crops, Thanks to David Contreras, NAT Arizona Distributor for these grape insights.

88. Apple Toxicity Spots - Apples soaked in structured water overnight brought forth toxicity spots. Victoria White, Tucson NAT distributor

Taste Improvements

89. Fruits and Vegetables soaked or submerged in structured water tasted better.

90. Greater Longevity - Fruits and Vegetables soaked or submerged in structured water lasted longer and kept from wilting.

91. Olive Jar Taste Test Non Structured vs. Structured - Olives in a jar muscle test toxic and imbalances the pulse. When the liquid in the jar is structured, they no longer tested toxic, nor imbalanced the pulse, AND tasted significantly better.

92. Orange Fungus Test - When oranges with an already toxic fungus were placed in different types of waters (RO, distilled, tap), they continued to grow and be toxic. The fungus on the orange in Structured Water became non-toxic as tested through pulse and AK testing.

93. Peppermint Tea Fragrance Enhancement Test - Smell an old box of peppermint tea bags. Place in an airtight container and submerge in structured water for an hour or so. Remove and smell the teabags again. More powerful and alive fragrance?

94. Sprouting Tests - Structured water sprouts grew faster and hardier than non-structured water sprouts.

95. Greater Resistance to Cold Temps and Frost.

96. Greater Yield Size and Weight - 2 lb. Tomatoes and 19 inch strawberry plants are just some of the realizations of larger crop sizes.

Mechanical Improvements

97. Cleaner Pipes in Home and Businesses, Wells, and Cars - People have house sectors flushing out black water for a few weeks. Hair no longer deposits in pipes. Insides of pipes become clean.

98. Radiators flush out.

99. Well pipes lose their toxicity and clean out the aquifer.

100. Gas mileage has increased for people just by adding structured water to radiator.

101. More soap suds/softer water - On many occasions, where there was hard water, within minutes, it changes to soft, bringing forth soap suds.

102. More power to the engine? dynamometer test?

103. Makes machinery run better.

104. The “300 foot rule” tested for all NAT units and found to be true. Water remains structured in a line of flow for approximately 300 feet. After that, the structuring effect will taper off.

105. Fuels burn cleaner - Tail pipe shows this with no or minimal black carbon buildup.

106. Toxic Product fuels burn cleaner - Campfire plastic smell dissolves with Structured Air.

107. Swimming Pools Free of Chlorine Effect - Itchy red eyes, skin disturbances not present with Structured Pool Water. Greater endurance from being surrounded in energized water for swimmers and aqua-aerobic fans.

108. Chlorinated tap water lowered to 0 after structuring with Ex-Tech Tester.

Structured Breathing Observations

109. Pulse Rates lower - Pulse testing devices show this.

110. Oxygen intake increases - Pulse Oximeter tests improve.

111. Emotional Stress decreases - People have new realizations on their state of being.

112. Sinuses clear - Many people have experienced this effect.

113. Sciatica and other pains have cleared after Structured Breathing.

114. The mind becomes clearer and has more energy.

115. Eyesight improves - Many people remark how their eyes have become clearer.

Economic Improvements

116. Save money on bottled water or long term water costs. Distributor Patrick Durkin explains on you tube.

117. Save money on less clogged pipes - No need for frequent plumber calls.

118. Money saved from not having to replace misters and sprinkler heads.

119. Save money on less water use.

120. Healthier and Smarter Babies and Children!

121. Less need for fertilizers and chemicals = money saved.

122. More Relaxed = less stressed = less trips to the doctors. Saves $$$!

123. More Energy = More energy to make $Money$.

124. More Oxygen = Better brain power to make $Money$.

125. Finally the most important reason: More Energy + More Oxygen + More Money = BETTER SEX! - We saved the best for last! :))

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